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In this latest africanfucktour we got another smoking hot amateur getting fucked on camera. Luckily the guy got everything that went down in that hotel room on camera, so don’t worry this is just a preview. The horny guy found her in the hotel he was staying. The hot black amateur was working there cleaning up the rooms. They met a few mornings ago when she came in to do her job, but instead the guy offered her some extra cash for some extra services. She could use the money so she went for it. You must see this lucky guy pounding this smoking hot african chick and also check out the entire scene. See you guys next time with more hot african fucking tours! Check out the site if you wanna see other sexy ladies getting fucked while sleeping!


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This lucky guy has his very own african sex tour a few nights ago by fucking a smoking hot African chick. He went to a bar close to his hotel and found this smoking hot ebony chick working there. She worked at the bar so it was easy for him to start talking to her. He wasn’t really expecting to get some that night, but he was very lucky. After she finished her shift, she invited him over to her place and you can check out below everything that went down between them. He wasn’t going to pass such an opportunity so he turned on his camera and started recording everything that went down that night. Hope you guys like it and don’t forget to come back for more steamy updates! Also you can enter the site and see other busty ebony chicks riding cocks!


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In this update, we have this lucky guy taking the Africa fuck tour and surely enjoyed pounding an African chick. The white guy heard about these insane tours so he had to try it out to see what everyone was talking about. Once he got there and saw all the girls he understood it, but he had a little work to do to get his hands on one of them. He got lucky a couple of days after getting there at a bar close to the place he was staying. There were a group of friends out and one of them was checking him out, he gave it a try. After talking and drinking a couple of glasses they ended up in his hotel room and the rest you can find in the African fuck tour gallery below. Enjoy it and see you next time! If you can’t wait until then, enter the site and see other cum hungry ladies getting roughly fucked and swallowing cum!


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